Checking out that new VW

04-05_Volkswagen_Jetta_sedanI got up early today because I have new car fever. You know what that is right? If not it is when you are in the market for a new ride and are pretty close to getting one. I have narrowed my search to two different vehicles and today I am going to test drive both of them. I am almost certain that I will be driving one of them home. The first one is a VW Jetta that as of right now I’m leaning more towards buying. It is a year newer and has fewer miles on it. The only thing it has going against it is the gas mileage isn’t quite as good as the other one. That other one would be a Mazda 3. My brother Rodney drives a newer one and he loves it. He let me drive his the other day and I did like how it handled. The thing is though his is 4 years newer than the one I’m looking at. The new ones are out of my price range unfortunately. Maybe someday I’ll be able to buy a new car but right now that isn’t going to happen on my budget. That is one reason it has taken me so long to find what I was looking for. It just so happened that I found two of them at the same time now I have to decide on which one I am going to get.

One other thing I need to do besides driving them is compare auto insurance quotes although I’m not expecting them to vary much. It isn’t like one is a Corvette while the other one is a Corolla. Now that would be something worth paying attention to if you were for some odd reason interested in those two cars. Well I am going to wrap this up soon because I need to get going. I want to get to the first dealership as soon as they open. That is where the Jetta is. I know they are going to try to pressure me into buying on the spot but I’m going to be adamant about going to drive the other one. I hope I can use the two dealerships against each other to get the best price that I can but we’ll see how it works out. Anyways I’m out so wish me luck if you want to and check back soon and I’ll update this with what I decided on.